Daniela Yohanes

Daniela Yohanes

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Alexander Wang, Spring 2014


Alexander Wang, Spring 2014

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If Africa were to get a vogue it would be vogue Nigeria not vogue south africa 

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My room is finally clean and I don’t have to go to high school in the morning. I feel a slight bliss rn

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please remember

no matter how good a white boy looks,

there’s 98.3% chance that he’s corny as hell and an absolute fuckboy.

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are girls still pretending they don’t masturbate?

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wtf is wrong with teenagers 

promblem? bro we are teen We are teen bro if you have  a problem please remember we are teen we are so fuckgin teen i love being Teen Im A TEEn i love teens im a teen im teen Bro. im teen,. your teen. we’er all teen everyone on this websute is teen

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#teamrunfromthedick #teamcanttakedick

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my lane is always traffic free thats why I stay in it

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there r so many creeps on this website like……………stay safe y’all

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